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About Us.

Welcome to The Mena Rights

Welcome to The Mena Rights, an innovative business development and investment group based on the land of Arabia and the gate to the promising market of Africa with branches around the globe.

The MENA Rights is fundamentally interested in projects not measured by size, but by virtue of their positive impact on society or its investors.

Our principals embrace a philosophy that value the relationship between today’s investment and the future generations and takes into account the impact on its investors , community and setting.

We are a firm that manage to break its invisible walls and remove all the barriers with time and space , we learn from our Arabian , Islamic and humanity histories and materialize the aspiration of the future to build today’s business framework.

The Mena Rights has a significant multidisciplinary experience in visionary exercise and strategic planning, which, coupled with sound delivery and technical capabilities.

The Mena Rights consider each investment as future challenge, We assemble an internationally recognized team of uniquely experienced intellectuals supported by grounded Middle East experience to provide the best outcomes; this team entertains a high level of project integration capability to undertake all challenges facing The Mena Rights clients and deliver a practical and implementable plans.

Our philosophy

The Mena Rights deliver rigorous management and flexible decision-support system in order to leverage the outcomes within given time and cost constraints. Our strategic approach create a unique connections between different disciplines roles and technologies across the globe

We cultivate personal relationships with our clients that are based on mutual trust.

• using industry expertise to understand global trends and develop future patterns;
• Applying modern thinking on Islamic financing
• Employing strategic planning methodologies to develop realizable visions;
• Develop strong frameworks for corporate governance, accountability and delivery;
• An Exceptionally Strong Team of Preeminent Firms and Individuals
• Perfect Blend of Insight, Planning, and Implementation
• An Innovation-Driven Work Plan to Deal With Complexity
• Fast Mobilization that “De-Risks” the Program
• Motivated, Enthusiastic Partners that Share Your Vision

Our mission is to enable overseas organizations to take full advantage of the many and exciting opportunities opening up in the Middle East. We consider ourselves value creators who are fundamentally interested in the future of the next generations in the world.

For all these reasons we work only with innovative partners who share the same vision and wish to expand their businesses – vertically or horizontally – in the region

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