MED1 Now in the Middle East

The MENA Rights Group signed exclusive agreement with the leading mobile hospital in the world MED1

The MED-1 concept is a new and exciting approach to healthcare. It is the world’s most advanced on-site, rapidly deployable mobile medical facility. Within 30 minutes of arrival, patients begin assessment and care in the 7 bed Emergency Department (ER), 4 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 2 bed Operating Theater (OR); and within hours a complete 200 bed hospital is deployed. Inside you will find state-of-the-art medical technology including a complete point-of-care laboratory and portable digital x-ray/ultrasound.

MED-1 includes all medications, oxygen, electricity, water, heat, air conditioning, and consumable supplies for three days of operation. It even comes with staff sleeping quarters and a lounge/disaster control center which can be converted into a mobile blood bank. By adding additional products such

as wirelessly connected mobile clinics, a MED-1 mobile kitchen, laundry/shower and morgue, you instantly have an entire community health care delivery system.