The Mena Rights signed Exclusive Rights with Binz

BINZ was founded in 1936 in Lorch near Stuttgart in Germany and bought a second factory in Ilmenau in 1990. Over 1000 special vehicles are produced per year in our factory in Ilmenau. Our product range includes ambulances, firefighting trucks (especially command and control vehicles), police cars, mobile clinics and field hospitals. Around the whole world we are only working with well named partners to guarantee the best quality and operational readiness of the vehicles and medical equipment.


All ambulances are produced according to the high standards of the EN 1789. The prototype of the ambulances with all interior fittings, seats, stretchers, cabinets etc. passed a crash test with a minimum of 10 G-forces. This guarantee, in case of an accident, all passengers are safe (everything, medical equipment, cabinets, equipment inside the cabinets, will be fixed at its place.)

Firefighting Trucks (Command & Control Vehicles):

The Command & Control Vehicles (C&C) are a special type of firefighting trucks. They are used by the leaders of fire brigades, police, emergency services and military, to lead and control their units in case of big catastrophes, in case of bigger fires, sport events (football games, etc.), etc.

Police Cars

The police cars are also tailored solutions. The base is similar to the ambulances, but converted according to police needs. We are producing police vehicles based on small vans or bigger (no limousines), for a use as traffic control, for the dog squad, forensic, prisoners transport, boarder control, etc.